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The colour method analysis©

The colour method analysis© developed by Air Creative enables the design of a neurologically optimised ambience in places where people encounter other people. The aim is to communicate precisely defined mediation competencies across the whole range of sensations. Current research in neuroscience and that of the CDA Centre d’AmbianceTM clearly show that the corresponding stimulation of the senses must be seen as a key aspect of multi-sensory communication. The combination of knowledge of colour theory and neuroscience underlines the opportunity we have to influence the range of senses, all under the umbrella of the colour method analysis©.

Thus, we are able to create an environment in which people feel good. An environment not merely perceived but also experienced. At the same time, it is important that every perception sends out the same information. Colours, music, scents or touchpoints - the key lies in matching the overarching senses. The effect of the multisensory enhancement only unfolds once a consistent overall picture has formed. Studies confirm that matching sensations in the brain are processed up to ten times more intensively. This signifies a significant increase in recall and recognition performance as well as in competitive differentiation.


The FMA approach - colour method analysis©

The FMA approach - colour method analysis© In the following example, you will find out what changes are made after a colour method analysis and how these are derived. In addition, mediation competencies are defined within the context of a workshop with the customer or on the basis of the values and/or brand strategies.

  • Who are we?

  • What is important to our customers?

  • How do we want to be perceived?

Starting position

Different light and colour stimuli appear confusing; in particular, the view through the window from outside and on the wall paint distracts the customer from the purchase and the products.

A congruent perception is not achieved.

Emotional stimuli are missing.

Definition of attributes for communication

The attributes that we develop in the workshop result in the allocation of a colour code. This serves as the basis for all decision-making and design measures.

The colours can be translated across all five senses - smell, sound, taste, sight and touch.

Solution based on the colour method analysis©

Congruent light and colour stimuli in respect to the product have a strong attraction and produce the desired emotions.

Mediation competencies were clearly implemented, which increases the incentive to buy.

Your colour method analysis©

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