CDA - centre d'ambiance

CDA Basics

Our brain uses a multitude of stimuli to sense the environment around it. The different sensory organs “provide” the brain with information about the relevant sensations to process further and subsequently action. It is important that the majority of the senses touch, sight, sound, smell and taste - to name the five most well known and important ones - coincide. If they do this, then the experience or the sensation becomes clear and it is much easier for our brain to identify it.

CDA = Multisensor Concept Development

At present, most sensory applications only represent isolated solutions, which, at best, mirror the subject and not the actual character of the brand/product/company. Either you let advertising professionals choose many interfaces or you limit them to address just one or max. two senses. With the expertise of the cda© “centre d‘ambiance”, we have succeeded in connecting the senses in a logical way.

Establishing a multisensor concept has only been possible with the FMA colour method analysis. In the age of “web shopping”, emotionalisation and substitutability of brands/products, with the expertise of the cda© “centre d‘ambiance” you get a marketing tool to develop, refine and maintain both clear and distinctive as well as differentiating communication.