Domains & Worlds

Our world of customers

Our world of customers is so multi-facetted, just like individual people themselves. Virtually no-one can escape from the emotional world that the nose has developed. Take a little dive into the differences and the challenges we face every day.

Every one of us, whether personally, professionally or in our free time, knows how differently the odour environment can present itself.

Critical Factors

We cannot ignore the different views of individual critical factors. Looking at it from this point of view, there are different criteria.

Problem zones

Who doesnt know them. The areas no-one likes to talk about, but which always influence well-being. For people, problem areas are warning impulses where they dont feel comfortable and which they would rather leave behind. They result in thoughts of escape or aggression.

Value Zones

Value zones record the image we want to project to the outside world. The value of the products or premises support as well as significantly increase general well-being. This makes everyone feel good (visitors, residents, staff and customers)!