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A combination of the latest technology, precision and longevity results in a unique functionality


The Air Creative system offers, among others things, the following benefits:

  • The unique patented three-level system

  • 100% maintenance free (no cleaning required when changing the scent)

  • Subtle and constant release of the fragrance

  • No build-up of dirt inside from the incoming dust

  • Fully automatic operation (no boring programming)

  • Easy to use

  • Quick and simple to change the scent

  • Elegant design

  • Long lifecycle

  • Very good price-performance ratio

Always two steps ahead!

First the dust filter cleans the air, and then any negative odours are neutralised in step two. In the third stage, the air is carefully enriched with the messenger substances. By way of comparison: You surely don’t apply perfume after exercising, without first taking a shower, do you?

We stand by our system, which first cleans the air, then neutralises it and finally releases natural messengers into the air! All in one and the same device.