Standard systems

Classic Line

Our classic system purifies the air and eliminates unpleasant odours. The room climate is then subtly enriched with gentle messenger substances. The intensity cannot be changed.

You would like a tried and tested system that does not require regulating the intensity on you own? With the classic line you are in good hands.


  • Economically priced system

  • Long service intervals

  • High flexibility


Premium Line

The premium line also purifies the air and eliminates any unpleasant odours. The careful controllability of individual messenger substances is a plus point and set this system apart. It gives the user additional control when enriching.

You would like to be able adjust in fine increments? Then the premium line is the right choice for you.

Additional advantages of classic line:

  • Individually adjustable messenger substances

  • Improved performance

  • Special design

  • Messenger substance and Airomex® are separated


Special Line

The Outstanding!
The emotional appeal of the premises via discreet delivery of messenger substances.

Besides the air cleaning and the unique elimination of negative odours, four different scents will be recovered at the Cube.

Special feature Special Line:

  • Settings are controlled manually

  • Improved performance

  • Special design

Special Line Cube