Function & Requirements

The Basics

System with 3 levels
(air purification, odour neutralisation, subtle fragrancing)

First the dust filter cleans the air, and then any negative odours are neutralised in step two. In the third stage, the air is carefully enriched with the messenger substances. By way of comparison: You surely dont apply perfume after exercising, without first taking a shower, do you? Our advice: “First clean, then neutralise and then release messengers!” All that in one and the same device.

Endless possibilities make the difference

Whether in the form of free-standing systems, wall fixtures or ceiling mounting, Air Creative has the right solution for every need. Easy installation and excellent service guarantee that the devices will become your loyal companions for daily use. Low-maintenance technology ensures smooth operation. A concept with which you will soon become familiar.



Hardly anyone enjoys reading instruction manuals or has the time to deal with technical details. A system must therefore continue functioning in accordance with the specified standards, without having to be constantly monitored and readjusted.

Our promise is something you can count on. Air Creative systems keep to the specifications provided:

  • Unique, patented three-stage system

  • 100% low-maintenance (no cleaning required when changing the scent)

  • Guaranteed steady and subtle aroma release

  • No internal contamination caused by suctioned dust

  • Fully automatic operation without tedious programming

  • Easy to use

  • Quick and easy change of fragrance

  • Elegant design adapted to the environment

  • Long service life

  • Optimal price-performance ratio


Smart technology merges with mobile life. Android App for more convenient control

Level control via Android app

When should I refill? This is no longer an issue with our new application for smartphones and tablets. As early as 3 to 4 days before the messenger substances run out, a message reminds you about the need to refill. On request, we can provide you with an automatic replenishment of your substances at the same time.

System control via Android app

How do I regulate the system? The application for smartphones and tablets provides the necessary mobile convenience with its settings. In addition, any irregularities are detected in good time and displayed to the user as a warning.