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Sales Psychology

Sales psychology concerns the psychological process of perception, persuasion and motivation, the creation and selective triggering of the emotions, and customer-specific use of verbal and non-verbal communication in sales talk.

Its use is a core element of the sales technique and can, according to the level of individual business ethics, also be a basis for targeted stimulation.

Knowledge of subjective human perception also forms the basis of sales psychology. As “Immanuel Kant” has already proven, in addition to the mind, reason is also a source of knowledge.

Sigmund Freud worked out that it is not facts that control people but feelings.

Whilst also acknowledging that perception is always dependent upon external circumstances, situational context, mood, intelligence, as well as personal character and socialisation, it is then clear what role sales psychology has to play on the subjective experience when adjusting to a so-called reality.

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Multisensory Experience is possible for everyone!
All you need is a plug.

The feel-good syndrome is especially effective in the changing rooms. Every one of us is impacted, even our customers.

Emotion Cube


...the little brother of the c.d´a

The EmotionCube offers targeted, usable sensory experiences, in which the senses of smell, sound and sight are stimulated, thus promoting emotionality.

Its flexibility and adaptability are especially valued when used in single rooms and directly by the side of a nursing bed.

Living Cube


Special features

You can choose it to emit any four different scents, all controlled using a smartphone or tablet. Complete daily routines can be individually programmed this way. Of course, the Living Cube also has integrated odour elimination and air purification systems.



centre d´ambiance c.d'a

  • Multi-sensory Room Experience

  • Multi-Functional Rooms


But what actually is the centre d´ambiance?

A visitor’s testimony:

So, whatever scientific studies around the world always report about, at the centre d´ambiance, they try to make them into something tangible: and furthermore, how our senses can be valuable in terms of marketing tools at the point of sale (POS)! The more senses are experienced simultaneously, the more firmly the absorbed information is embedded into the brain (= increased memory function) and it positively influences the person’s specific actions


If this knowledge is then used at the POS, you can improve well-being in sales rooms, increase the length of stay and positively influence purchase behaviour/emotions. It is precisely this, the interplay of several senses, that is experienced in the CDA. These practical examples also demonstrate what is possible using multi-sensor communication, how they work and how the different senses influence each other. The main emphasis of the work is on colours, music and scents.

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