Verkauf & Erlebniswelten

Emotionalisation at the POS/POI Using Ambient Air

For most users today, good offers within an extensive and diverse range of products of exceptional quality are a matter of course. Example: A successful fruit and vegetable department has something more - namely  the right atmosphere. The user must feel good. They must be touched on an emotional level because the decision to buy something is not just made in their head.

Sustained action using all senses!

The traditional form of brand communication is increasingly reaching its limits. Every day, the market is growing with a multitude of new products and brands on offer. With the steadily growing number of brands, more and more communication measures for the advertising market are being moved up a gear. The result of which is information overload. 

The consumer is literally overwhelmed by all the information. This makes the advertising less effective as the consumer is no longer capable of taking in all the information. However, as most companies still use the classic means of communication, many concepts in the marketplace fail.

Selling is not a matter of luck!

Retail spaces without a targeted manipulation of the room ambience (air refinement) can become a lottery. Impulse purchases by customers are made purely from feelings and emotions.