Room analysis

Room analysis

"Room analysis? My first thought was: what’s the point of that? Now I know that on-site room analysis gives more insight and has shown me room for improvement that I did not notice before."

We are hardly aware of what it smells like in our own premises. Due to today’s masking techniques and research opportunities, describing the ambient air quality and its potential is not easy. The belief that this can be done by relying only on your own feeling is like driving in a tunnel in which only the bright light at the end can be seen. The dark, unseen parts of the tunnel remain hidden to us because nobody shines a light on them for us.

People very often claim there are no odours in their own business premises, the materials are odourless and that their cleaning works well. We have no odour problems!

Not only can a room analysis reveal hidden problem areas, it can also throw light on unnoticed potentials.

Every company has to become aware of its so-called “value points” and how they could look if they were brought more into the foreground.

Even a nursing home should not neglect this aspect when welcoming its customers! Our research results clearly show that, in surveys taken of the banking, fashion, hospitality or care sectors, cleanliness comes in first place and is closely associated with room odour.

The approach of our “Air Designer” is unique and gives our clients the tremendous advantage of setting themselves off from the competition.

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