Air Creative

Our Mission Statement

Our policy is:

Through the targeted increase of indoor air quality, Air Creative underlines its serious intent to noticeably improve the environment of our customers. Our aim is to promote the well-being of people in those premises that have been treated by us and to support health and fitness. The desired result is solely the well-being of people in the rooms that have been treated by us. The successes that result from it are for the benefit of our customers.

Company position

By the nature of the company, Air Creative AG is obligated to make a profit. However, this should occur in a social setting, in which all parties involved can feel comfortable. Staff, suppliers and customers play a key role in this. A profit maxim should be agreed so that every party involved is included in the decision-making process with their work, service as well as their social environment. We reject profit maximisation done “off the back” of people and their environment. Our products should be retraceable and are produced according to the best of our knowledge and belief.


Because the goal can only be reached within an intact environment and within a robust global economic structure, we want to make every effort to leave behind an intact environment. We reject any products obtained from over-exploitation. We do not tolerate environmentally destructive and inhuman working conditions. Whenever possible, we like to actively support development projects that support our goals.


Work should not be seen as a necessary evil. Motivated employees are Air Creatives assets.

Air Creative sees itself as a place where people are able to develop through common goals. This is in line with the respect we have for people, meaning that we recognise their issues and take them seriously. Consequently, the social structure is structured and communicated so that everyone can contribute to the judgement and decision-making processes in their area of responsibility. This strengthens the identification of the employees with their own activity so that they can fully contribute to the development of the company. Their income is part of the added value and, in this respect, is not seen as “staff costs”. Working together with a motivated attitude to work is a matter of course for Air Creative employees.


With the natural development of our three-level system (air purification, odour neutralisation and application of positive messenger substances) within the same device, we are committed to the holistic improvement of every type of indoor air situation. On this basis, we are committed to only do things for our customers that are answerable to ourselves to the best of our knowledge and beliefs. With this in mind, we reject any orders that are inhuman or harmful to health. The customer should be able to identify our key objective through our competent and in-depth consultations.

Air Creatives product design focuses on the customers needs. Among others, it aims to offer solutions to problems in the most diverse of market areas. At the same time, Air Creative intends to only make those systems available that have a holistic effect and which improve indoor air in a natural way.

Appearance and communication of Air Creative should speak to the emotional consciousness of people and not resort unilaterally to the subconscious. The manner of the information should motivate users and partners to judge the performance of Air Creative for themselves.

Processing and Production

Processing and Production at Air Creative takes place, where possible, in and around the company head office in Wangen an der Aare. By awarding contracts for processing and pre-production to regional and locally based companies, Air Creative is boosting regional, medium-sized companies in particular. All Air Creative products carry the “Swissmade” certificate and therefore promote the preservation of work carried out in the direct market setting.


Air Creative processes all substances according to its own high quality requirements. The substances that contribute to the quality of the products undergo strict controls both during and post production. Dyes, fragrances and preservatives are, wherever possible, not used.