Wissenschaft Botenstoffe

Our EEG shows that even the smallest amount of messenger substance has an effect!

EEG and messenger substances

Professor Dietrich Wabner - TU München.

Through measurements in the brain (EEG and CT scanning) it can be shown that just split seconds after the fragrance molecules have reached the olfactory cells, the limbic system reacts by releasing neurotransmitters. Take grapefruit as an example: the oil from its skin stimulates the thalamus (a part of the diencephalon (interbrain)) to secrete endogenous opiates. Well-being, relaxation and even a light euphoria set in. The same goes for rose, jasmine and clary sage. For most plants, the effect is already implied in the name: thyme, from the Greek “thymos” (courage), increases self-confidence. Its scent stimulates the locus ceruleus, a part of the brainstem that leads to the release of noradrenaline – this hormone activates combat strength. Findings from Professor Wabner based on brain scans of his test subjects.

Air Creative was able to establish similar results with its own EEG. Feel free to ask us about the studies.

Feel free to ask us about the studies.