Messenger substances

Scent blends

Why scent blends and not individual scents?

More and more people are requesting scents such as lily of the valley or lilac. The reason for this is that these scents smell so good and they have positive effects. Hardly anyone knows that such identification scents are almost purely of synthetic origin. We know from aromatherapy that such a scent hermaphrodite is not suitable for achieving good indoor ambient air.

We can also compare individual scents in a different way! An instrument can be pleasant and sound beautiful, but an orchestra with a variety of instruments can never replace it on a long-term basis. Or food? Who likes to eat with the same spices all the time? Variety makes life sweet!

Scent compositions blended from selected complimentary scents result in an orchestra of feelings and emotions. This increases the sustainability and significantly eliminates habituation. Through the different nuances, we continually experience new scent emotions to fall in love with, depending on the condition of the air.