Air refinement

Air Refinement

Indoor air quality is improved - this benefits visitors, customers and staff. An additional, measurable side effect is that it can help reduce viruses, bacteria and staphylococci.

When you refine indoor ambient air, people react with their emotions and memories and are not controlled, as is sometimes argued.



Standards of Quality

Quality is our Top Priority! The blends of fragrances are combined in our own scent laboratory by our “noses” in accordance with the latest research findings and strict quality criteria. Thanks to our own production and bottling, we can always meet your quality requirements.

The blends of fragrances we offer are pure essential oils!

Our Purity Regulations

Our room fragrancing, including all associated room scents and room fragrances, comply with the purity regulations that we have set for ourselves!

Because we continually monitor our suppliers and our own production, you can be certain of getting high-quality products. However, the purity regulations also mean that we do not use any additives, such as emulsifiers, colourings, flavour enhancers etc.. We provide you with the fragrance in its purest form blended with alcohol made in a liquid and storable form, just as it would have been thousands of years ago. This results in the highest level of quality when it comes to producing room fragrances.

Both our suppliers and us are committed to the guidelines as set out in the purity regulations.