Airomex - Odour refinement

Odour Neutralisation

In life there are smells and we have no direct influence on the majority of them. Thus, apart from body odour, major sources of odour are carpets, furniture, plastics etc.

“Stinking substances” is the collective term for all unpleasant and partly also harmful odours. They are components of biological structures. Despite their very different structures, they are mostly made up of a number of small molecules.

The Airomex molecules from a betaine derivative obtained from plant extracts dock onto the troublesome odour molecules. The result is a type of “neutral salt” and the smell is neutralised for good. This is basically a biological, natural process and is completely harmless to people and animals.

“Glycine” - the derivative of the natural cholesterol with betaine is produced from sugar (fruit and corn sugar) and is based on purely natural ingredients.


Airomex® General types

The unique airomex® is produced using four basic components, which differ from each other in terms of their function. Each component is matched to different odour molecules.

The basic types are:


airomex® blends

There are certain situations where using just one type of airomex is not enough to get the job done. We therefore offer blends of different basic types.

The blends are designed for the specific problem and are therefore for targeted use. They are particularly suitable for stubborn problem zones, for example, in cases of incontinence. The blends can be supplied in bulk upon request.