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Air refinement

"Where it smells good, I feel good. Where I feel well, I stay longer. And where I stay longer, I also prefer shopping" (Professor Peter Weinberg of the Institute for Behavioural Research at the University of the Saarland). The scent of fresh roses, a stroll through the forest or the smell of sea and beach. Positive emotions are aroused that are closely linked with memories. Smells determine what people like or dislike. They connect memory, inspiration, emotion, love and hate. Unpleasant odours can thus adversely affect sales, whereas pleasant fragrances can have a positive effect.

Air Creative

The air refinement system with 3 benefits - and all this in one system

  • Air purification by means of an air filter

  • Odour neutralisation with a derivative of the fructose (Betain)

  • Subtle emission of natural messenger substances (fragrances)


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